Fayou Family (Desert Holiday & Camel Trek - Morocco) - The Fayou Family
Sustainable Tourism

·       This holiday is fairly priced, permitting the Fayou Family to improve their standard of living and quality of life, while providing you with a very reasonably priced holiday. Please do not haggle with the family; all prices are fixed and agreed at the time of booking.

·   If additional camels are needed to accommodate your group they are rented locally, providing extra income for other local familes.  On longer camel treks you may stay overnight with nomadic Berber familes who are paid fairly for their hospitality.

·   When visiting in the family home,  please respect the families culture by dressing modestly (see "You need to bring ..") and by smoking away from the home and family.  If you bring alcohol please do not drink excessively and not in front of the family.  Thank you for your kind consideration.   

·   The purchase of 5 litre bottles of drinking water  is most economic way of buying water and there is less waste.  Our family have many uses for 5 litre bottles; they will not be wasted.  Please bring a refillable water bottle so that you can carry a small supply of personal drinking water at all times.

·   Food scraps and vegetable peelings are fed to the families animals, nothing is wasted. 

·   Cooking is powered by bottled gas to reduce the amount of vegetation removed from this arid landscape.   

·   Electric lights in the family home are powered by a solar panel attached to the roof.

·   Reservations are 'paper free'.  All bookings are made by the internet.  We do not have a 'glossy brochure' to sell our enterprise.  We only advertise on ethically based tourism websites. 

·   We do not have an energy consuming office.  Enquiries and reservations are dealt with at home in the evening.  Our computer is not on all the time using unnecessary energy.

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