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The Fayou Family

Welcome to our large and happy family.




The Fayou Family has 10 original members.  The youngest members of our family are Aicha (10) and Fatima (13) .  As well as attending the small local school, it is their responsibility to collect water from the well for the whole family.  Fatima is also very talented at creating beautiful heena decorations on the hands and feet of the ladies in the family and visiting guests.


Said has recently finished school and he helps the family by selling fossils and local crafts to tourists visiting the area.  He also looks after the families three camels making sure that they are fed and watered every day.



Next is Zahara  who does all the catering within the home.  Every day she makes delicious fresh bread, tagine and couscous for everyone to enjoy.   Zahara tends to do most of the laundry for the family too. 

Khadija is recently married and now lives in a nearby village with her new family.


Mohamed will be your guide.  Mohamed is responsible for all our guests when they visit our home and leads our visitors through the spectacular local landscape.     


Erkia lives in the nearby village with her husband Oroksh, their children Ismail, Zahra and Fatima and her step children Erkia, Ahmed, Ali and Abraham.


The eldest son, Youssef, married Loretta in 2007. They now live in England where they look after the website and organise reservations for the family.  They have a daughter, Leila, further increasing the size of the Fayou Family!

As all mums do, Bedda supervises the organisation of the family home while her husband, L’ho, farms locally to provide the family with wheat for their freshly cooked bread and to provide an extra income for the family.  He advises Mohamed on the best routes to take our guests. 


In addition to the people in our family we also have 3 camels, a donkey , some sheep and quite a few chickens.    

 We built our modest home ourselves and add rooms as necessary.  What started as a one room home now has nine rooms arranged around an open courtyard, a simple toilet and washroom.  


Since starting this enterprise the families standard of living has improved significantly.  The Fayou Family would like to thank all our previous and future guests who help to secure our healthy and happy life. 

We look forward to meeting you.  

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